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Since 1972, State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan, have been giving exhaustive life insurance strategies. Life Center is your entryway to products and assets that will make your business more grounded.


State Life Insurance:

State Life Insurance Company Is A Government Sector Services Provider. It Enables You To Choose Life Assurance Plans For You And Your Loved Ones. You Can Compare And Select Life Assurance Policies According To Your Desire. It Gives You The Opportunity To Avail Of Insurance Benefits For Your Family After The Demise Of The Policyholder.


  • Own A Home, Since Mortgage Lenders Need To Know Your House Is Ensured.
  • Drive Vehicles, Since Few Individuals Could Bear The Cost Of The Repairs Without Coverage
  •  Health Care And Legal Costs Are Linked With Crashes And Wounds.
  • Maintain Your Present Life, In The Event That You Get To Destroy
  • Cover Health Services Cost Like Doctor-Prescribed Medications, Dental Consideration, Vision Care, And Other Well-Being-Related Things
  • Provide For Your Family In Case Of A Death
  • Run A Little Business Or Family Cultivate By Dealing With The Dangers Of Proprietorship
  • Take Vacations Without Stressing Over Flight Cancellations Or Other Potential Issues


Life Insurance Plans, An Ideal Opportunity To Survey Your Arrangements So You Get In Touch With One Of Our Accommodating Financial Advisors To Answer Your Inquiries Or Get Counsel. A Little Learning Can Have A Major Effect On Purchasing The Right Life Assurance Policies For You And Your Famlifeli


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Keeping in mind the end goal to be a fruitful insurance agent as time goes on, we need to acknowledge our part as a sales representative and we should be great at offering. No, sales don’t mean offering somebody something they don’t require, or generally controlling or exploiting somebody. When we offer, our goals are to individuals, to be a trusted counsel, and to teach and lead individuals down the way they have to go. The main issue is: we have to get awesome at offering by both making deals a study and by discovering what the best agents do, and after that doing likewise things.

Surprisingly, the only outlier which outperformed the market has been a public sector entity: State Life Insurance Corporation. To put its scale in context, it is among the largest employers in the country with around 5,500 staff and 130,000 sales personnel registered, according to Chairman Shoaib Javed Hussain.

State Life Insurance mana ahmadani 2023

sometime back, the insurance giant unlocked another massive revenue stream in the health business as it won the Sehat Card tender for Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. As a result, they now have access to around 175m Pakistanis, or two thirds of the country’s total population, according to Hussain. Managing its execution was a herculean task though.

“In December 2021, the legal agreements were signed and we were given a very short timeframe of three to four months to administratively service all of the job. It meant hiring people, training them, having service desks at every hospital, the linkages between the hospital staff and our staff. And that is just the front office. Think about the back office, where all the claims cases come in. Not only just processing the product finance from the company perspective, but also the risk.”

state life insurance policy 2023 mana ahmdani

Pakistan’s disappointing insurance uptake is also partly attributed to the way products are packaged. For example, bancassurance being sold as an investment instrument, which ends up costing the policyholders of their hard-earned money. That’s where innovation comes into play.

“Over the past two years that I’ve been here, we’ve launched 22 new products across life and health. And the great thing is that the growth we’re seeing in individual life is being driven by the new products. Especially the golden endowment, which we’ve technically revised in terms of the premium and payout timelines,” explains Hussain.

In that same vein, the company is now pushing towards small ticket insurance policies that can be sold conveniently through online channels. Over a year ago, State Life launched its digital portal where anyone can buy a policy end to end, and pay via card. However, as expected, the uptake is still low, even though there is growth coming off a low base.

For Hussain, the bigger use of digital, right now, is towards improving internal systems, especially the claims process — which is yet another reason why people run away from insurance.

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